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The Federal Government has set a summer deadline for the legalization of Marijuana in Canada. The Senate may hold a vote by June 7th, paving the way for the passing of Bill C-45.

The Alberta Cannabis Framework outlines what Albertans can expect when cannabis becomes legal in our province by summer 2018.

After months of engagement with Albertans, stakeholders and partners, extensive research of other jurisdictions, and consideration of our existing liquor and tobacco laws, the framework sets the stage for the responsible use of cannabis in our province.

Growing Cannabis

Under the proposed federal legislation, adults will be able to grow up to 4 plants per household from seeds purchased from licensed cannabis retailers.

Renters, condo-dwellers and those who live in multi-family dwellings may be restricted from growing cannabis in their homes based on rules established in rental agreements or condominium bylaws. Government will work to educate landlords, renters and condo boards on the options available to them.

Along with the four plants per household limit, plants will be restricted to a maximum height of one metre, and outdoor growing will be banned.

Realtors warn that cultivating plants in your household may diminish the value of your property, (though Alberta may set a maximum plant size):

Growing four pot plants inside is still enough to wreck your house, realtors warn

Michael Bourque, head of the Canadian Real Estate Association, flagged risks associated with cultivating cannabis plants, such as the spread of mould and fungus through ventilation systems. He said the law should be amended to place a moratorium on home cultivation until provinces can pass tougher housing regulations.

Please contact us if you have any question about household cultivation.