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How to Get a Band Partnership Agreement in Alberta

Alberta is expected to enter Stage 3 of the Open For Summer Plan by early July, meaning all Covid-19 restrictions could be lifted, including the ban on indoor social gatherings. This means that we may soon enjoy the long-awaited return of live music performances in the community. 

Are you a local band curious to learn how to keep your band members protected with a band partnership agreement? Keep reading to learn more about band partnership agreements and the band partnership agreement package we offer in Alberta, Canada. 

What is a Band Partnership Agreement? 

A band partnership agreement is a contract between the band members that defines how the band business will be run. This agreement helps to clarify the responsibilities of each member of your band, make decision-making easier, and prevent future conflicts among existing and former members.

A typical band agreement may include such matters as:

  • Membership – adding partners, members leaving, dissolution of the partnership
  • Ownership – band name (often the most important asset of the band), compositions, recordings, equipment, and other band assets
  • Revenue – how to split earnings and losses, from touring, music sales, merchandise, publishing revenues, etc
  • Control/Decisions – how meetings and voting will be conducted on band business
  • Other matters, unique to your partnership

Why is a Band Partnership Agreement Important?

Without a contract in place, an individual member could decide to leave the band, take the band name, and use the songs that other band members have written without the consent of the rest of the band. This member of the band would also have no obligation to provide royalties to the former band members. A band partnership agreement is the best way to ensure that everyone is protected. 

Our Band Partner Agreement & Merchandising Package

To help local bands prepare for the return to live performance, NAVIGATOR LAW LLP, through a joint venture with the TWINBAT STICKER CO, is excited to offer the following introductory services. Starting July 1, 2021, select either module for $500, or get both packages for $1000!

Band Merchandise Package

Twinbat is a print shop in Calgary, AB that provides amazing merchandise for bands, signage for businesses, and wraps for vehicles. This package for bands includes the following items, sure to be profitable and popular with your fans:

  • 25 – Gildan tees + 1 Color Print (1 location)
  • 250 – 4×4 (or equivalent sqft) Shapecut Decals

Cost: $500.00 +GST

Band Partnership Agreement

Navigator Law LLP is a general legal practice serving clients throughout Calgary and surrounding areas. It was surprising for us to learn how few bands have a basic partnership agreement. A small investment in an agreement could save you from potential conflicts, disputes, and larger legal expenses in the future. 

Avoid potential legal complications and conflict with the basic Band Partnership Agreement from Navigator Law LLP. We’re developing further services to assist artists, talent, and other stakeholders in the area of Music & Entertainment Law. 

Our introductory price for this partnership package is $500 +GST.

Contact Us to Learn More About Band Partnership Agreements

At Navigator Law, we’re pleased to help you protect your band, negotiate income splits, identify the band’s obligations, and offer sound legal advice for any of your Music & Entertainment Law questions. 
Let us know if you have any questions or contact us to purchase a package today!