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With more snow expected this weekend, this is a good time to explore the community standards for snow removal in the City of Calgary. Bylaws related to snow and ice:

Within 24 hours after snowfall has ended, all snow and ice must be completely removed from city pathways and sidewalks. Snow and ice must be removed down to the bare surface of the sidewalk or pathway.

• If you receive a Warning Notice for failure to remove snow and ice from a sidewalk or pathway, and do not remove it within 24 hours of receiving the notice, The City of Calgary will do the work and invoice you for the cost.
• The cost to you is a minimum flat rate of $150.00 plus GST and an administration fee.
• If you fail to pay the invoice, these costs will be added to your annual property tax bill.

If you require help with snow removal, assistance is available:

Community Based Snow Removal Programs

Snow Angels

Please be aware it is also possible that if someone slipped and fell on your sidewalk, you may be liable in a civil action for damages. Mere failure to remove snow is probably not sufficient grounds for a civil action, but if there was evidence of greater negligence (ex. not repairing water leaking on to the sidewalk creating ice) there may be liability for a home owner. Most home owner insurance includes coverage for personal injury liability – please consult your policy or insurance agent for further details. For advice on civil actions, please consult with a civil litigation lawyer.

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