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CANNABIS REGULATION – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The federal Cannabis Act came into effect on  October 17, 2018 (Bill C-45).


The use of cannabis is regulated at the local, provincial and federal level.

In Calgary, cannabis may be consumed on private property in any form, but not in public places. Medical cannabis can be consumed in public places approved under municipal and provincial rules. Cannabis can be purchased locally at approved and licensed stores. Festivals and events in Calgary may apply to provide a cannabis consumption area (like a beer garden). If you are a tenant in Calgary your landlord/tenant agreement may prohibit cannabis use in your building.


In the Province of Alberta, you must be at least 18 years old to purchase cannabis. Minors are not permitted to enter cannabis stores, even with an adult. Cannabis can be purchased in Alberta at licensed stores or online at albertacannabis.org. The most you can buy or carry in public is 30 grams of dried cannabis or equivalent. Cannabis may not be consumed in vehicles, even by passengers.


At the Federal level, it is a criminal offence to drive while impaired by cannabis, or to provide cannabis to anyone under the age of 18. You are allowed to grow 4 cannabis plants per household (not per person). Edibles are not legally available for purchase yet in Canada (expected in October 2019), but you may make your own at home.


Please contact us if you have any questions about the use and possession of cannabis on your property or in the City of Calgary.