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We were pleased to review the Minutes of the Town Hall Meeting by the Surrogate Rules Advisory Committee. This meeting was held May 7, 2018 at the Calgary Court House.

Chief Justice Moreau complimented the clerks and court staff for greatly improving the turnaround times for processing applications.

Specifically of interest, we are pleased to note the following:

Great improvement in turnaround times for processing applications– in 2017 it took 16 weeks (Calgary)

•Now reduced to 1-1.5week (Calgary)

•Finding internal efficiencies is the main reason for the improved turnaround time

•Turnaround times currently:

Edmonton – 6 weeks (this has increased as 2 experienced clerks have recently retired)
Calgary – 1.5 weeks
Peace River – 1 week
Fort McMurray – 2 weeks
Drumheller – 2 days
(the number of applications they process is much smaller)
Lethbridge – 5 weeks
Wetaskiwin -1 week

We used to advise clients that an application for probate/administration could take at least 3-4 months to process. We have indeed seen some of our applications get processed in less than a month, which is a great improvement and welcome benefit to estate administrators and beneficiaries.

Please contact us if you have any questions about probate or estate administration.