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This is a topic we want to keep a close eye on in 2017. We will update this blog as more information becomes available. I’m most interested to see further details soon from the new Energy Efficiency Alberta agency. Following is an explanation of the new Carbon Tax as detailed by the government:

Starting January 1, a carbon levy will be charged on all fuels that emit greenhouse gas emissions when combusted at a rate of $20/tonne in 2017 and $30/tonne in 2018. The rate is based on the amount of carbon pollution released by the fuel when it’s combusted, not on the mass of fuel itself.

Impacts of the carbon levy will vary, depending on a household’s energy use and driving patterns.

All Albertans who take steps to reduce their emissions – by turning down the heat when no one is home, installing smart thermostats, choosing more fuel efficient cars, using public transit, walking, biking, or taking advantage of coming energy efficiency programs – can reduce the cost of the carbon levy.

Rebates will be provided to lower- and middle-income Albertans to offset costs associated with the carbon levy. The rebates protect those who spend a higher percentage of their income on energy costs and have fewer financial resources to invest in energy efficiency products. 60% of households will get a full rebate. You don’t need to apply. You’ll automatically receive a rebate if you file a tax return and meet the income criteria.

Energy Efficiency Alberta is a new provincial agency that will provide programs and services to help Albertans protect their pocketbook and lower their carbon footprint.

Starting in early 2017, Energy Efficiency Alberta will deliver a variety of programs and services for energy efficiency and small scale renewables.

Initial programs will include:

  • Free installation of residential efficiency products such as lighting, water fixtures and heating components in homes across Alberta.
  • Rebates for efficient appliances, lighting and insulation for homes.
  • Incentives for high-efficiency retrofits of lighting, heating, cooling and hot water systems for businesses, non-profits and institutions.

Please check back for updates to this blog and contact us if you have any questions as to the impact of the Carbon Tax on your home.

UPDATE: Free energy upgrades coming to Alberta homes, environment minister says – LED lights, smart power bars and low-flow shower heads will be installed in some homes for free