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Commercial real estate transactions can be highly complex and managing your land or property portfolio can be demanding. At Navigator Law, we are well-equipped to manage all of your commercial real estate needs.

Let our team of experienced commercial real estate lawyers ease your workload. We can help expedite the process of your commercial real estate transactions, lease agreements, developments, and any other commercial real estate service. We will conduct a diligent document review and look for any risks or issues that might impede your transaction. That way, you can rest assured that we are on top of any requirements and that your real estate transaction will move smoothly.


Unlike residential real estate law that deals with the transactions of homes and recreational property, commercial real estate law covers legal aspects of industrial properties, retail, office buildings, and undeveloped land.

Commercial real estate law is a complex area of law that often involves multiple parties such as buyers, sellers, tenants, lenders, and municipal governments. This intricate web of stakeholders can open up the risk for conflicts, delays, and other issues.

A commercial real estate lawyer helps you navigate all the legal aspects of managing your commercial real estate or any commercial real estate transactions.


For commercial real estate portfolios and transactions both large and small, an experienced lawyer can help reduce risks, expedite the process, and provide you with advice on how to protect the value of your commercial real estate investments.

Commercial real estate lawyers can help with a wide range of commercial real estate service


At Navigator Law, our commercial real estate lawyers have years of experience helping our clients with commercial property management and transactions. You can benefit from our law firm’s in-depth understanding of the intricacies of the local real estate market and all applicable regulations.

We complete transactions for developers, buyers, sellers, borrowers, landlords and tenants, and give advice to our clients on all types of real property transactions, including:

At Navigator Law, we can draw from our team’s well-rounded experience in other practice areas such as business law and tax law. We’ll provide sound advice that takes your specific circumstances into consideration and help you make the most of your investment.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

During any type of commercial property transactions, a lawyer will handle due diligence, title review, and off-title information, drafting and reviewing of contracts, and completing all other legal requirements of the real estate transaction.

Whether you are buying, selling, or transferring a commercial building, a business with or without land, bare land, or land for development, there are many benefits from involving a commercial real estate lawyer early in the process. An experienced lawyer can advise you through the negotiation phase, help you understand and negotiate terms in a contract, and highlight any issues during the due diligence and document review process.

Having a commercial real estate lawyer by your side can help you move real estate deals faster, more smoothly, and reduce risks of litigation and other issues.

Commercial Real Estate Contract Review

To protect your interests and the value of your assets, a commercial real estate lawyer can support you when renewing, negotiating, and drafting contracts. Our legal team will help you fully understand a contract and its terms, negotiate the terms in a contract, and help protect you from any liabilities.

Commercial Leasing

Our commercial real estate lawyers can help both tenants and landlords with commercial leases. For tenants, a lawyer will help review the lease to help understand any financial and non-financial obligations, hidden costs, or other financial or legal issues in a lease that will affect you long-term. For landlords, a well-drafted lease can help protect against financial loss, prevent conflicts, and save you money long-term by having the right provisions in place. It is beneficial to get the help of a lawyer when a building with leases is bought or sold and when a lease is drafted or renewed.

Commercial Real Estate Financing

For commercial real estate transactions, our commercial real estate lawyers help legally secure financing. A lawyer works with the banking industry to provide a wide range of financing solutions, including:

Construction and Developments

If you’re starting the development of construction of a new commercial project, our lawyers can help draft all the needed documents and identify any issues early in the process.

Before a commercial project starts, our commercial real estate lawyer will typically help


Being in the middle of a commercial real estate conflict can be stressful and time-consuming.

Our legal team will support you in finding a solution to your commercial real estate dispute in a practical, cost-effective way – as quickly as possible. We offer a range of alternative methods such as arbitration, mediation, and alternative dispute resolution, depending on the nature of the dispute.

If your dispute cannot be resolved successfully by any other means, our commercial real estate lawyers can help represent and fight for your interests in court.


Commercial real estate is any type of real estate that is used in a business context. Examples include office buildings, apartment complexes, industrial property, and agricultural property.

Often, yes. Most banks require clients to get independent legal advice before signing loan documentation. A lawyer can also help review, prepare any legal documents for the transaction, and advise the clients on any issues that may cause delays or problems with the transactions.

No commercial real estate transactions are alike, and the transaction time can vary greatly depending on the specific transaction and how complex it is. However, a typical commercial real estate transaction takes around 90 days to close, including due diligence, financing, and other conditions.

At Navigator Law, our commercial real estate lawyers are committed to helping you with any type of commercial real estate matter. We are practical, effective, and results-oriented, and will ensure that your interests and investments are protected. Contact our office to make an appointment or to learn more about our commercial real estate services.