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It can be a difficult and delicate process to think about the potential of a relationship ending and discussing such personal matters. Our experienced and compassionate family lawyers can work with you to draft, review, and negotiate a family law agreement that reflects your relationship wishes and protects your rights and interests.


Family law agreements, which are sometimes referred to as domestic agreements, are legally binding contracts that can address a wide range of situations before and during a relationship and after a relationship has ended.

A family law agreement is designed to provide assurance and help protect the parties in the relationship from beginning to end. These agreements describe the rights and responsibilities of each partner and describe what will happen with assets, responsibilities, and children under different circumstances.

If you don’t have a family law agreement in place, the default legal rights and obligations are applied in your case, which might not be in your best interest or align with your wishes.

Every relationship is unique, and so is each family law agreement.

Our Family Law Agreement Legal Services

At Navigator Law, our experienced family lawyers can help with any family law matter, including divorce, separation, or adult guardianship. No matter what stage you are at in your relationship, we can help you and your partner draft up an effective family law agreement that works for you.

When it comes to family law agreements, each type of agreement has a different purpose. We’ll make sure you fully understand your options, rights, and obligations when drafting an agreement.

Cohabitation Agreements

Cohabitation agreements are designed for people who are or who want to live together but have no immediate plans to get married, such as common-law partners. It is similar to a prenuptial agreement, but for people who wish to remain unmarried. This type of agreement describes the roles, rights, and responsibilities of each party, and how assets are distributed if your relationship ends, your partner dies, or you no longer want to live together.

The agreement may include:

The agreement can also include any other family matters that the couple wishes to include.

Pre & Postnuptial Agreements 

 As a couple, you may choose to create a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement at the start of your marriage. A prenuptial agreement is created before marriage to help couples formally set out the terms of their relationship upon marrying each other. A postnuptial agreement is very similar to a prenuptial agreement, except it is created after a couple is already married.  

Both prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements typically include many of the same items, such as : 

Separation Agreements

separation agreement is made after a marriage ends and deals with issues around resolving the relationship. Although divorce law in Alberta does not require a separation agreement for separation or divorce, creating a separation agreement with a divorce lawyer typically makes the divorce process smoother, faster, and more cost-effective. 

A separation agreement could include the following:

Dispute Resolution

Even with the best planning in place, sometimes disputes can occur. Whether you are faced with a child custody issue, property division issue, or any other family law issue, we can help!

Our law firm also offers to represent clients who wish to challenge or enforce a family law agreement. We will provide you with the best possible legal advice to resolve the disputes as quickly, smoothly, and cost-effectively as possible in a way that minimizes the negative impact on your life.

Our law office has extensive experience with resolving family law legal issues via litigation or alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration, negotiation, or mediation. Our knowledgeable family lawyers will fight for your rights at every step of the way, including going to court, if necessary.

How a Family Law Lawyer Can Help

Any well-drafted family law agreement is a legally binding contract between two spouses or partners. Taking the time to put such an agreement in place with the help of a family lawyer should provide confidence that the couple has prevented much of the potential conflicts that can occur during the difficult times when a relationship ends.

Peace of Mind

Family law agreements ensure the interests of both parties are protected in a relationship. Going through the process of drafting a family law agreement with the guidance of a lawyer helps couples manage relationship expectations and provides certainty to each partner about what will happen in different situations.

Prevent Disputes

Collaboration on a family agreement when there are no ongoing conflicts can make ending the relationship a much smoother process and can prevent conflicts from arising in the future. With a family lawyer by your side, you’ll ensure that your agreement is legally binding and represents the interests of both parties so there are no misunderstandings or surprises down the line.

Fair Access to Assets

Seeking help from a family lawyer for a family agreement is especially important when there are a lot of assets involved in a relationship. Having a comprehensive agreement in place can prevent disputes over assets and ensure a fair allocation of the assets each partner brought into the relationship. Family agreements can also help couples set aside assets for children from previous relationships.

Reduce Legal Costs of Separating

Family law lawyers and family law agreements can also make the process of separating or ending a relationship much easier and less expensive. These agreements will prevent most legal battles and separation agreements can even be used as a basis for a divorce order (the family law court order that finalizes a divorce).


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Are you interested in drafting a family law agreement, or do you need professional help reviewing or negotiating a complex agreement? Contact our office today to book an initial consultation with our knowledgeable Calgary lawyers.


Family law agreements may need to change, as your life circumstances and relationship change. You can make changes or updates to the agreement as long as both parties in the relationship agree on the changes.

There are many instances throughout the course of your relationship when you may need help from a family lawyer. As a general rule, the sooner you can talk to a family lawyer, the better. Creating a family agreement at the start of your relationship when there are no ongoing conflicts will help you set your relationship up for success, whether you end up getting separated or not.

At Navigator Law, our knowledgeable family lawyers in Calgary can help you at any stage of your relationship with our family law agreement services.

In addition to the family law services listed above, we can also support our clients with contested and uncontested divorce or separation.

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