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Navigator’s tax lawyers are here to help you navigate Canada’s tax system, and will be with you every step of the way.

If you are looking for a tax lawyer in Calgary, our law firm can help you with tax planning, so you can retain as much of your income as possible while minimizing the risk of tax problems and litigation. If you’ve found yourself in trouble with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), we can help you fight at every step, including representing you before the Tax Court of Canada.

Tax law is a complicated legal area that is constantly changing. That’s why our law firm stays on top of the latest tax law developments, including provincial, federal, and international tax policy, changes to Alberta Tax Law and Canadian Tax Law, and Canada Revenue Agency practices.


As with many other aspects of life, having no plan is the worst plan. A tax lawyer can help at every step of a person’s life and career. While tax planning might not be everyone’s favourite topic to think about, the sooner you start your tax planning, the more effectively a tax lawyer can minimize the risk of tax litigation and identify cost savings for you, your family, and your company.

If you haven’t paid much attention to your tax situation, consider starting a relationship with a tax lawyer, who can provide sound and relevant advice throughout your life and career. If it has been some time since the last review of your tax situation, your life situation has changed, or you are faced with a specific tax problem, our legal team can give legal counsel on the best tax planning strategy in your specific situation. A review of your personal or business tax situation by a tax lawyer can have a number of benefits.


Businesses of all sizes can benefit from getting good corporate tax advice. A tax lawyer can help you maintain the right balance between minimizing your company’s tax liability and crossing the line into abusive or aggressive tax planning schemes.

With our dedicated tax lawyers by your side, your business will get tailor-made tax advice that can help you and your company become more tax-efficient and make the most of their revenue. Not only does good legal tax advice help you maximize your business’ return on investment and streamline revenue from operations, but it can also give your company a competitive strategic advantage.

At Navigator Law, our legal team includes professionals in business law and tax law, who can provide sound advice on the ongoing operations of your business, including all aspects of sales taxes (GST and HST), trade taxes, and commodity taxes.

We can help give your business strategic tax advice before any type of corporate transaction, for example:


If you or your company does business abroad, work internationally, or own property abroad, you’ll need to consider international tax law. Our law firm can address all forms of international tax matters, whether it is international corporate or income tax.

The landscape of international tax law is always changing. Navigator Law can be your trusted advisor in navigating through the complexities of international tax law and help you with any cross-border tax issues.

If your company has business transactions with the United States or any other country abroad, Navigator Law can provide legal counsel on the tax implications of international trade and operations.


The well-rounded skillset at Navigator Law enables us to take many other complex legal practice areas into consideration along with your personal and corporate tax planning, such as Wills and Estates Law, Family Law, Real Estate Law, and Trust Law.

Our legal team can help individuals and their families with tax planning and tax issues to help navigate risks and help make the most of their hard-earned money.

While it is always a good idea to get an occasional review of your personal tax situation, in certain life situations, seeking the advice of a tax lawyer is key.

No matter your specific situation, Navigator Law’s legal team can draw from our extensive experience with tax law as well as other practice areas. We’ll provide you with personalized, sound advice that can help you maximize your income and investments today as well as long-term.


We work with our clients to resolve tax disputes as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Our team can help support you by representing you or your company before the Tax Court of Canada, The Federal Court of Appeal, and the Court of Appeal of Alberta. Alternatively, we can also help with dispute resolution to address the tax dispute.

If you need assistance dealing with complex tax matters involving the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), or run into tax problems with the CRA such as unfiled tax returns, tax audits, or other tax noncompliance issues, Navigator Law can help. Our team can assist you with legal advice, helping you prepare all the appropriate paperwork and applications such as a voluntary disclosure program application.

While an accountant can address many aspects of audit, assessment, and dispute resolution process with the CRA, involving a lawyer at the early stages of the process can help speed the process along and prevent you from ending up in a courtroom down the line.

No matter the scope of your tax issue, Navigator Law is here to help.

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